Best routes to market for DTx in the EU

Best routes to market for DTx in the EU

Co-Founder & CEO daVinci Digital Therapeutics, Giuseppe Recchia, participates today in the meeting “Best routes to market for DTx in the EU”, organised by HealthXL.

What are the most scalable and sustainable routes to market for DTx companies in the EU?

Beyond clinical evidence, the right commercialization model is key to drive adoption of DTx. A number of DTx companies have chosen pharma partnerships as their route to market, but is pharma the safest and most efficient commercialization model for DTx companies? Payer partnerships have proven to be better options for some companies and D2C can also be a valuable approach, especially for new players that aim to gain traction faster and easily collect RWD to improve the product.  An unexplored potential path is via medtech companies that are also seeking new ways to reach their customers. Perhaps routes to market undergo iterations as the product gains traction. 

Join us in this EU-focused meeting where we will talk about:

  • What are the most scalable and sustainable commercialization models for DTx companies in the EU so far (D2C, pharma, medtech, public health systems, hospitals, payers, employers, others)?
  • Factors that determine the best route to market (e.g therapeutic area)
  • Implications of choosing one route vs. others (e.g how do the evidence requirements change, or the organizational structure?)

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