Italy accelerates the path towards digital therapeutics implementation

An article published on April issue PME – Pharmaceutical Market Europe highlights Italy’s progress towards the adoption of digital therapeutics in medical and healthcare practice.

PME talks to Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware Group, Gualberto Gussoni, Scientific Director of FADOI, Scientific Society of Internal Medicine and Giuseppe Recchia, Director of Tendenze Nuove and CEO daVinci Digital Therapeutics about the advancement of digital therapeutics in Italy.

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Call to action for Italian healthcare players 

“The publication of ‘Digital Therapeutics, an Opportunity for Italy’ can definitely be considered a solid foundation for creating a viable digital therapeutics environment in Italy, and in this way, it presents a clear opportunity for Italy to catch up with the leading countries in the very near future. The ultimate goal of this digital therapeutics journey is to provide patients and physicians alike with safe and trusted access to a new class of therapies characterised by more active patient involvement, such as those aimed at chronic diseases associated with dysfunctional lifestyles and behaviours in which the participatory role of the patient in the care pathway can be particularly relevant, as well as to create a favourable regulatory environment. 

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the publication of the white paper does not represent the conclusion of this project, but rather, embodies the beginning of the path towards advancement of digital therapeutics. It contains a clear call to action addressed to all stakeholders of the Italian healthcare system: doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals, patient and citizen organisations, pharmaceutical, technological and insurance companies, and regulatory institutions, and that is to unite and work together every single day to reach the set objective of accessible, innovative, digitally advanced and efficient healthcare in Italy.”

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