Digital Therapeutics Day 2020 – Where Are We Now? We Are We Going?

Digital Therapeutics Day 2020
Digital Therapeutics Day 2020

The need to offer better health outcomes to the patient on the one hand and the digital transformation of the processes of research, health management and health care on the other are among the main determinants of the development of Digital Therapeutics #DTx.

Digital Therapeutics represent a new medical intervention for therapeutic purposes, in which the active ingredient is a software. In a similar way to chemical and biotechnological pharmacological therapies, Digital Therapies are developed through experimentation with the aim of demonstrating a clinical benefit for the patient.

Digital Therapeutics are prescribed by the physician, evaluated with HTA’s own methodology, reimbursed by health systems or insurance companies.

As this is a newly developed health technology, various aspects of HTA have not yet been defined and clarified:

Digital Therapeutics are not just a new tool for health. Software and digital processes represent new areas of economic development.

The creation of enabling conditions for the research, development, delivery and introduction of new Digital Therapeutics in healthcare processes is a necessary condition for our country to compete globally in the development of these new technologies.

The Digital Therapeutics Day 2020 #DTxDay2020 will provide answers to some of the open questions and guidelines for the development and entry into medical practice of Digital Therapies.

The Digital Therapeutics Day 2020 #DTxDay2020 also aims to raise awareness among public and private health and business institutions about this new health technology at an early stage of development and the opportunities that our country can seize through its involvement in its research and development, as a necessary condition to play a leading role in the global development of digital health.

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