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Digital Therapeutics Italy

Digital Therapeutics, an Opportunity for Italy

Tendenze Nuove, journal of the Smith Kline Foundation publishes on 13.1.2021 the monographic issue “Digital Therapeutics, an Opportunity for Italy“. The 208 pages of the monographic issue contain the documentation and recommendations developed by...

What are Digital Excipients? Tx Digital Excipients

What are DTx Digital Excipients?

What do Digital Therapeutics (DTx) consist of? Digital Active Ingredients and Digital Excipients. What are Active Ingredients and Excipients? Few people have used these terms – of clear pharmaceutical origin – in the discussion...

Programmable Medicines

The New Era of Programmable Medicines

What is a medicine? The meaning and role of “medicine” in medical therapy has changed over time, in a constant updating with the development of knowledge and technology. Today medical therapy is in a...